THE MONTS GROULX MASSIF (UAPISHKA) – A place to have the entire world to ourselves!

The Monts Groulx Massif (Uapishka) includes thirty or so summits, each exceeding 1000 metres. It ranks third in Quebec for its altitude and alpine surface area. It is among the only massifs of this scope in Quebec to remain wild!

The Innu call the Massif “Uapishkam,” which means “rock summit always covered in snow,” for the thin layer of snow that gracefully tops the 30 or so summits of the Massif from September to June.



The Provencher and Jauffret trails lead to the summits. Snowshoeing is recommended instead of cross-country skiing on these trails, because they are considerably treacherous. The summits can also be accessed by travelling on the Provencher, Torrent and Jauffret streamswhen they are frozen, even on skis. However, these streams are not marked and must be travelled with caution, particularly on the Torrent river.

Trail Departure / Arrival Length / Duration Level
Jauffret Steam Km 365 along Rte. 389 / Boissinot Massif 7 km / 6 h Advanced
Le Torrent Stream Km 348 along Rte. 389 / Lac Raquette 14 km / 9 h Advanced
Provencher Steam Km 335 along Rte 389 / Provencher Massif 7 km / 7 h Advanced
Trek across Monts Groulx Km 335 / Km 365 along Rte. 389 44 km / 3 to 4 days Expert


  • Temperatures generally hover around -30 °C. Checking the weather before setting out is recommended, since mountain weather can change quickly. There may be extreme cold events down to -55 °C.
  • There is always a risk of avalanche; therefore, we recommend taking the necessary precautions.
  • There is no shuttle service between Uapishka Station and the trails.


At the present time, we do not offer guided winter hiking services. However, you may contact Attitude Nordique outfitters at https://www.attitudenordique.comfor this service.



Trail Departure / Arrival Lenght / Duration Level
Jauffret  Access (linear) Km 365 / Provencher Massif 7 km / 6 h Advanced
Mont Harfang (loop) Km 349 / Km 352 14 km / 9 h Intermediate
Provencher Access (linear) Km 335/ Provencher Massif 7 km / 7 h Advanced
Trek accross Monts Groulx Km 335 / Lac Quintin 44 km / 3 to 4 days Expert


  • There is no shuttle service between Uapishka Station and the trails.
  • The trails may be muddy during certain times of the year, so être boueux à certaines périodes, prévoyez des chaussures en conséquence.
  • From the end of June to the end of August, you must wear a mosquito head net and carry along insect repellent.


Have you been dreaming of discovering the immensity of the territory, but do not want to set out on your own? Hike Mont Harfang with a guide at Uapishka Station.

This is an intermediate-level, five-hour hike. The cost is $75 per person.

You must book your guide at least 24 hours in advance.