The availability of duly equipped scientific facilities and adjacent housing infrastructure makes this the only research station of its type in operation on the North Shore. Our organization aims to facilitate the presence of researchers in the region.

Positioned north of the 51st parallel, Uapishka Station provides a framework for Northern Studies, from the point of view of both basic and applied research. Opening access to part of this previously little explored Nordic territory, the station is located in the heart of three protected areas, including the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve.

+ Climate Change
+ Ecological Integrity of Nordic Ecosystems
+ Traditional and Contemporary Native Occupation
+ Boreal Forest; Social and Native Forestry
+ Energy Supply in Isolated Environments
+ Land Planning, Social Acceptability, and Northern Governance

Logistics Services

+ 4 Season Accommodation and Meals (capacity for almost 40 people)
+ Safe Storage of Scientific Equipment
+ Laboratory and Classroom
+ Internet Connection
+ Availability of Zodiacs
+ Provisions Logistics Service

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