Snowmobiling is forbidden beyond an altitude of 800 metres in the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve.

An agreement was developed as part of a pilot project designed to regulate the practice of snowmobiling within the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve, where snowmobiling is normally forbidden (summits region).

The agreement is based on the idea that only people with a guide can access the sector.

Moreover, the agreement is not intended to further develop snowmobiling in the biodiversity reserve, but rather to supervise the practice. As such, the sectors of the Groulx Mountains not included in the biodiversity reserve, especially those where snowmobiling is forbidden (see map), should be given priority at all times.

Alongside this agreement, efforts will be invested in developing routes outside this zone.

Any snowmobiler not complying with this protocol will not have access to Uapishka Sation infrastructure.

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