Co-developed by the Innu Council of Pessamit and the Manicouagan-Uapishka World Biosphere Reserve (RMBMU), Uapishka Station aims to foster dynamic occupation of the northern territory, in order to build scientific, socio-professional, community and tourist development.

Located on the banks of the Manicouagan reservoir and at the foot of the Uapishka (Groulx) mountains, within the Pessamit Nitassinan and on land designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve, Uapishka Station wishes to make a structural contribution to the regional development of the North Shore and the implementation of the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve Management Plan, through the acquisition and transfer of scientific and traditional knowledge.
Uapishka Station is also intended to be the site of a land occupancy camp, of capacity building, and of aboriginal healing. The station has become a strong, concrete symbol of the Innu Nation’s contemporary occupation of the land, working towards skills and identity development. Operation of the station’s infrastructure has created internship and employment opportunities for the Pessamit Innu, which is why the station has set a cultural parity goal in human resources.
The station is also a direct response to the Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve Management Plan. The reserve is a protected area managed, in cooperation with the community, by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change (MSDEFACC).
As such, the station has created 4 development components in order to meet the plan and its promoters’ aspirations.


Scientific research

Territorial Occupation and Capacity Building

Search & Rescue

Territorial Discovery

Protected areas and the sector’s environmental characteristics, Native occupation, the Uapishka (Groulx) mountains, the Manicouagan astrobleme, hydroelectric reservoirs, etc. make this territory ideal to fuel these components.


Uapishka is accessible by Route 389 (336km) from Baie-Comeau. The trip lasts 4 hours.


The station is managed by a joint board of directors consisting of the Innu Council of Pessamit and the RMBMU, as well as the MSDEFACC as an observer:

President : René Simon, Pessamit Chef

Vice-President : Patrick Desbiens, RMBMU President

Treasurer : Raymond Rousselot, Pessamit Vice-Chef

Executive Secretary : Jean-Philippe Messier, RMBMU Director